#99 Best of Future House

All gear still tucked away in preparation of selling the apartment, so this mix is pre-recorded a few days ahead, much like last weeks episode. This week the filter is set for the highest rated music in my library with the Future House tag, and I’ve improvised from there. Long time subscribers might recognise a few tracks 🙂

So next week is episode #100, that needs a little bit of celebration! The episode will be recorded at JP Store in Gothenburg on Friday the 7th of August between 16-18 (4-6 pm) CET. You can tune in online from the JP Store Instagram or simply come by the store!

Since it’s being recorded in the afternoon local time, it will be published a little later than usual.

But that’s next week. First, enjoy this weekend! No track list this week either. Will add track list once the gear is back.

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