#98 Best of Electro House

Ok, so the next couple of weeks will be a little different. I’ve bought a house, which means we need to sell our apartment. To sell an apartment in Sweden, you got to style the hell out of it. So all nerdy personal stuff has had to go into storage, including the computer with my music library. Because of this, I had to create a couple of selections ahead of time and store on a USB drive for the next coming weeks so I had something to play. And to keep it simple, I made a couple of “Best of” collections, sorted by genre and only with highest rating. Since everything is packed down, I can’t provide a track list for these episodes, you’ll just have to enjoy as is. This week: banging Electro house!

Also, you might want to join the recording of the 100th episode live (digitally or physically in Gothenburg) on Friday the 7th of August. More details to be shared on the Togarashi Twitter and Facebook shortly.

Have a great weekend!

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