The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi
The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi
#95 Anger mode

The rules for this podcast was clear. It shall be improvised, and I’m not allowed to re-record. I managed to live by these simple rules for 94 episodes. Thats almost two years straight of weekly mixes. But this week it happened, I tried to outdo myself mixing unknown and non-analyzed with no corrections or cue points. It turned out so ridiculously bad I jammed the stop button in anger, took a few long breaths, and loaded up all top rated house music with the progressive tag and started from scratch. I broke the arbitrary rules, sorry for that. But (call it making amends), I will send the 40 minute or so mix I discarded to anyone who just loves train wrecks. Email me at and I’ll provide you with a link.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Manybeat – La Flaka
  2. Mihalis Safras , Siwell – Pianista – Rene Amesz Remix
  3. Damabiah – Irminsul, le pillier du monde – Original Mix
  4. Chocolate Puma – Reality
  5. Rob & Jack – Do My Thing
  6. Kurd Maverick , Roland Clark – Everywhere Is House – Extended Mix
  7. DJ Vivona – DJ Vivona – Worldwide (Original Mix)
  8. DJ Boris – What We Need – Extended Mix
  9. Javi Reina , Jude & Frank – Mi Libertad
  10. WILL K – Guamo
  11. Ralvero – Mega – Original Mix
  12. Varien – The Dark Harvest
  13. E.N.D – Rich
  14. Sebjak , WILL K – Smoke

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