#55 Misfits

The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi
The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi
#55 Misfits

Here’s to the crazy ones! I notice I had a whole bunch of tracks that simply never showed up in my mix selections. Reasons range from weird tempo, ambiguous genres or tagged with strange metadata on my behalf. I realized they might never be included in a mix unless I explicitly decided to do so. So here we are, a mix with tracks that might never had been played, and it’s wild.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. G&S – In The Jungle
  2. Fran Guzman – Montes De Colombiana
  3. Ruze – Underground Kings
  4. Joao Ceser – Tsoukalos
  5. The Bloody Beetroots, Dr. Fresch – Fkn Face
  6. Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, Lennon Stella, HUGEL – Polaroid – HUGEL Remix
  7. Frank Nitty, Melody Betancourt – Despierta
  8. German Brigante – You Know
  9. Manybeat – La Flaka
  10. Manybeat – La Verdura
  11. Lemon & Herb – Ivory
  12. Ferreck Dawn – You & Me
  13. Ninetoes – Volar La Pluma
  14. Dennis Cruz – El Sueño
  15. Manybeat – Tu Belleza
  16. Massimo Lippoli – Dougne Te Soye
  17. Kurd Maverick, Roland Clark – Everywhere Is House – Extended Mix
  18. Maxinne – Just Wanna – Extended Mix

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